Election Day Eve and a No Shower Happy Hour

It’s November 3, which means we’re only a few days away from one of our city’s biggest events. That’s right, Election Day. Regardless of which side of the aisle you sit, I’m certain you’ll be partaking in the drinking, eating, and general debauchery that descends upon our nation’s capital as we finally bring the political ads to an end (at least for now). While many of my friends are hitting doors and making phone calls for their favorite candidates, I’m making time to burn some calories in preparation for all the unhealthy things I’ll be doing on Tuesday night.

Yesterday I began my weekend with my first class at Off Road Indoor Cycling (905 U Street, NW). Housed in an old row house next to Dickson Wine Bar, their studio is spacious with gorgeous wide-planked hardwood floors. The bikes are situated upstairs, so I asked the front desk person about the big, empty space on the first floor. “They’re for our Off Road TRX classes.” I had no idea what that meant, but according to Off Road’s website, TRX classes use a TRX suspension trainer. If Crossfit and trapeze had a lovechild, I think this is what it would look like.

I headed upstairs for the No Shower Happy Hour cycling class taught by Jillian. The class was great for two main reasons: 1. Jillian is super enthusiastic, despite the fact that I think most of us would have rather been at happy hour. 2. She’s one of the few cycling instructors I’ve encountered that actually uses those handy computers attached to the bikes. While I thought her playlist could use a teeeeeny bit of a revamp (less club music, more Lady Gaga, please!), overall it was a fun, upbeat class and a great way to start my pre-Election Day weekend.

Bonus: Off Road will host a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser on Monday, November 5 with FREE classes all day. They will accept cash-only donations at the door and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Red Cross. Check out their schedule and ride for a good cause.



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