S.S.S. (Sweaty Sunday Spin)

As you may know, per our intro post, Kristine and I both work in public affairs. Sometimes, that means spending a weekend day working. Yesterday was that kind of a day. 7:15 AM it began and after a long day of running around the great state of Maryland, I crashed.  Typically Saturday’s are a day of yoga, grocery shopping and cleaning my apartment.

Since my Saturday was otherwise scheduled for public affairs magic, I decided to start Sunday off right and headed to Clarendon spin studio Revolve. Now, I frequent Revolve and really enjoy all the classes they have to offer. On this morning’s menu was Complete Body Ride with Francina. CBR this morning was 35ish minutes of high-intensity spin and 5ish minutes of upper body work and a short stretching-sesh to close.

I fancy myself a dedicated spinner and recently purchased my own shoes. Unfortunately, they failed me today. My clip completely detached itself and was stuckin the pedal during the one of the final songs. My level 10 intense climb was interrupted by my shoe/pedal malfunction. I quickly jumped off and headed to the front desk to let them know of my dilemma. Danielle quickly handed me a pair of rental shoes so I could finish class.

Both Francina and Danielle jumped to help following class. Super helpful and friendly. Just another reason I love Revolve. People are fantastic, space is great and I can always count on an awesome class.  Expect a post following Wednesday night’s Barre Ride with Grant. Completely different vibe in both class and teacher, but equally tough and motivating.

Note: Franinca’s class is fabulous. Great playlist with a mix of flashback 80’s tunes and top 40 hits that I admit are great motivators. Super positive, which is helpful since this morning’s class was an @$$ kicker.

BONUS – Revolve now has membership options instead of just ride packages. My wallet could be in trouble…

– Lexie


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