My Excuse to Wear Legwarmers with Spinning Shoes

Despite being in a post-election daze, I managed to get myself together enough to make it to Barre Ride at Revolve on Wednesday night. After teaching a yoga class in my office conference rooms (Kristine is obviously a rockstar attendee), I rolled up my mat, grabbed my Shimano’s, donned some Lululemon and headed to Clarendon.

Grant teaches the Wednesday 7:30 PM Barre Ride and if are unfamiliar with the class, here is a breakdown: 30-40 minutes of spin (expect lots of intervals with lots of tension and Dubstep beats to match) and 20-30 minutes of barre exercises. The most challenging part of Barre Ride is that by the time you are done with the spinning, your legs are feeling the burn and then come squats, lunges and more squats. Let’s just say that walking home takes me an extra 10 minutes.

In the corner of the spin studio are bins filled with what can be described as mini kickballs. Extra squishy and shiny  these are not toys! They are more like round, bouncy upper-body exhausters that do their job well. With arms extended and ball squeezed into an oval we squat and lunge like crazy. Add in some relevees (that is French for re-lift  but in Barre language it means rise on to your toes, and/or squat, bicep curl, chest press etc…)

The title sounds so friendly, and if all you heard were the awesome beats coming from the studio you wouldn’t expect a room filled with sweaty spinners and ballet hybrid workout crazies. Don’t be fooled. It is hard work, but you feel fantastic afterwards and despite the longer than normal walk home, you can expect a solid night’s sleep and a great feeling the following AM.

Bust out your spin shoes and legwarmers and check it out!



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