Bastards and Bikes

Today I paid my first visit to Union Market. It’s a pretty fantastic place located in Northeast DC that houses some of the city’s local artisans, including my favorites like TaKorean and Peregrine Espresso. It was no ordinary day at the market, as the bustling crowds weren’t just looking for homemade gelato and organic coffee beans. They were there for Crafty Bastards, Washington City Paper‘s annual arts and crafts fair. Imagine over 100 local craft talents selling their unique wares under big white tents. If you’re looking for cool, locally-made stuff, this is the place to be.

You’re probably wondering, “Why are you telling me about some dumb craft show? This is a fitness blog.” Well, it just so happens that the DC arts and crafts community also happens to include bicycle fanatics (as evidenced by the dozens of bikes locked to fences outside the market). The nice dudes from The Bike Rack (1412 Q Street, NW) were on hand to answer questions, distribute water bottles, and even did a bike maintenance demonstration. If you’re an average cyclist like me (meaning you will simply pay someone else to tune and fix your bike), you understand how useful these demos are. I got a refresher on how to clean my bike’s drivetrain.

The next time you want to take your bike out for a spin, ride over to Union Market one weekend and eat some oysters and buy some produce. Also, check out The Bike Rack’s list of events, including maintenance clinics and group rides.



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