Still feeling the remnants of bliss from last night’s yoga class is not something that comes along often. It takes a special teacher to allow you to carry the om off the mat and into the next day. Lucky for this Workout Wonk, I had such an experience last night. Lindsey Uhrig taught a rockin’ heated power 2 class at The Studio DC. She is a close friend of mine, and my chakras were feeling a little out of whack yesterday so I requested some challenging sequences and a handful of arm balances to help me center and get my sweat on. Being the gracious yogi that she is, Lindsey obliged and 75 minutes later I was refreshed and aligned from muladhara to ajna (post on chakras to come later).

Don’t get me wrong – class was tough. Lots of vinyasas, yogi pushups (chaturangas), a high intensity warm up and standing sequences. All of this culminated in playing with one of my favorite arm balances ekapada galavasana (sounds so fancy).

What is particularly special about Lindsey is that she can lead a butt-kicking class while creating a calming atmosphere. Expect a calming voice, plenty of jokes and the freedom to either challenge yourself or take it easy with no judgement.

Check out Lindsey’s class! But be forewarned, I wouldn’t make any date plans for after … you will be exceptionally sweaty.



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