Savasana is my Dad’s Best Pose

I am obsessed with yoga, in case you have not yet gotten that impression. My mother hates it. To her credit, she has tried and was very supportive when I began my teaching journey. However, she has opted out of any further yoga-ing. My dad on the other hand has embraced yoga which absolutely thrills me! While he steers clear of heated power classes (unless I am visiting and ask very very nicely), on his own initiative, he has built into his regular Cross Fit schedule a Sunday yoga class.

“It’s relaxing for my mind and more relaxing for my muscles following a week of burpees, wall balls and crazy Cross Fit torture.” – Lexie’s Dad

To show my support, I joined my dad on Sunday afternoon’s for Village yoga with Linda. She is very knowledgeable and as a teacher myself I am inspired by her class. Every week she teaches a basics class, which happen to be the most difficult to teach in my opinion, and presents the poses in a way that makes them accessible to all.

Please take this as my ringing yoga endorsement for all the bootcamp-ers, Cross Fit-ers, runners and spinners out there who have tight hips, tight shoulders tight hammies (hamstrings) and are just looking for some solid blissed out states of mind. Yoga highs are totally worth it.



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