A Thanksgiving Thank You List

In addition to Turkey, football (go Redskins), and eating your weight in mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving is also a day for thinking about what we’re thankful for. Here’s my fitness-related gratitude list.

1. My workout headband. Not only is it sparkly and bright enough to double as Christmas garland, but also functional for keeping my hair out of the way during workouts.

2. My ball chair. I’m talking Dwight Schrute-style.

3. Coconut water. It’s a post-workout and post-hangover magical elixir.

4. Ayesha’s cycle circuit class at Off Road Indoor Cycling. It’s an hour and fifteen minutes of cycling and bootcamp-style insanity. You won’t be thanking her during the class (in fact, you’ll probably be convinced that she’s trying to kill you), but you will afterward.

5. This is last on my list, but certainly not least. Many friends agree with me that the cold, lavender-scented towels handed out at the end of class at Biker Barre are one of DC’s best workout perks.




One thought on “A Thanksgiving Thank You List

  1. Coconut Water is a magical creation of hangover defeating and hydration goodness. Don’t train for a marathon without it! Once again, right on the money Workout Wonks!

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