Winter Workout Wish List

I love Christmas and I love lists, so here are some fitness-related goodies I’m hoping to see under the tree this year:

1. A foam roller for the days I can barely walk after spin class. Washingtonian has a great guide on how to use it properly.

2. As I progress in my yoga journey, I’m becoming more picky about mats. This one by Manduka comes highly recommended by our resident yoga expert, Lexie.

3. I’m hoping to get back into running in 2013, which means I’ll need some new running tights and socks.

4. After all the holiday parties, booze, and Christmas cookies, I’m going to need a serious detox. Maybe Santa will throw an order of BluePrint juice my way.

5. Heart rate monitors are handy for making your cardio workouts more efficient and I’ve had my eye on this one.

6. The downside of being an active Workout Wonk? Being sore all the time! A sports massage should do the trick.

What’s on your fitness Christmas list this year?



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