Breakfast for a Workout Wonk

After a month of booze and Christmas cookies, I’m in post-holiday detox mode. Lucky for me and other Washington wonks, Energy Kitchen recently opened at 19th and L Streets. As the first DC location, Energy Kitchen touts “fast food, not fat food” and everything on the menu is under 500 calories. Perfect for my quest to start 2013 with a healthier diet, no?

Everyone knows breakfast is key to powering through the day — and workouts! — so I frequented Energy Kitchen this past week to find the perfect breakfast item to start my morning. A few thoughts:

The Vaccinator smoothie — It has all my favorite things in a breakfast smoothie: orange juice, bananas, strawberries, and some non-fat yogurt for a little protein, all for 305 calories. Yummy, but I can make this at home for a lot less than $4.99.

Oatmeal — Who doesn’t love oatmeal drenched in honey, cinnamon, and strawberries? Not bad for 238 calories and $3.50.

Energy breakfast sandwich — Breakfast sandwiches are my guilty pleasure. Usually they’re on a croissant and covered in cheese, but sadly this is not that sandwich. This one is on a whole wheat muffin with egg whites, low-fat American cheese (we’ll reserve my tirade against American cheese for another blog post), and chewy turkey bacon (which I’m still not sure how it’s cooked considering Energy Kitchen doesn’t fry anything). What this sucker lacks in taste is compensated by the fact that it’s only 277 calories

For a healthy-ish breakfast on the go, Energy Kitchen isn’t a bad option. What are your tips for a healthy morning meal?



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