Getting Sculpted on the West Coast

While the rest of the country has their eyes on my home city to watch the president officially begin his second term, I chose this weekend to skip town. I headed westward and am spending the next few days in Palm Springs, thanks to my friend Blair and her lovely vacation home.

Vacation doesn’t mean a break from working out, though. In addition to soaking up rays and taking naps by the pool, we managed to squeeze in a yoga session at Power Yoga Palm Springs. Situated in a shopping center near the heart of downtown, Power Yoga’s friendly staff welcomed us with open arms, even though we were a few minutes late for Janet’s yoga sculpt class.

yoga blair

Janet from Power Yoga Palm Springs sculpting Blair through Warrior 2.

I’m always a fan of most classes that have the word “sculpt” in the title (who doesn’t want to be sculpted?), but Janet’s class took it to a new level with 30 minutes of a traditional, fast-paced flow yoga sequence, followed by another 30 minutes of flow yoga paired with weights. Connecting with your breath is one thing, but managing your yoga breathing while working your arms with weights to the point where they’re shaking is another. I came expecting your everyday arm workout and left feeling well on my way toward Michelle Obama arms. Epic win.

Thanks to Janet and Julian for letting us spend time at their studio. Looking forward to future west coast jaunts and hopefully more sessions at Power Yoga! If you’re ever in Palm Springs, check out their schedule here.



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