Intention Setting & Hippie Love

Intention setting is a staple in yoga classes. Establishing your “san kulpa” at the beginning of a practice allows the mind to quiet and energy to be directed in a positive direction. Whether physical, emotional or spiritual, these intentions help guide not only our practice but also our lives.

Yesterday I was reminded that setting intentions is not only something we should do at the commencement of our yoga practice. At spinning the other morning, my teacher began class talking about intention – recognizing where you want to be and using the energy of the workout to get there. I am sure that some spinners focused on sweating as much as possible, many may have set intentions based on their New Years resolutions and some may have chosen to let go of the week prior. Whatever you choose, it is important to remember that these san kulpas are not only important in our yoga practices, but also in high-intensity fitness classes and our daily life.

Saturday was a day of challenging exercise, quality time with wonderful friends and yoga bliss. I had the opportunity to get my sweat on and be a true hippie in both spinning and yoga. Bottom line – intentions set, great day and great weekend.


Hippie Love


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