Trapeze Act

You know a workout is good when you’re still hurting days later. I’ve enjoyed the cycling classes at Off Road Indoor Cycling since they opened a few months ago, but last Tuesday I decided to try their Off Road TRX class with Devlin. If his goal was to make me sore in places I didn’t know existed, well, congrats Devlin, mission accomplished!

The official description of Off Road TRX: “Off Road TRX is a series of exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability all at the same time through the use of the TRX ® Suspension Trainer.™”

My description: Trapeze act.trx

Using the suspension trainer is awkward at first. You’re not used to allowing your body to adapt resistance and it forces you to, in the words of resident Yogi Lexie, “become more conscious of your body.”

Devlin guided us through all the exercises I hate (but I know are good for me), like lunges, jump squats, burpees, and the like. You really don’t know much you dislike burpees until you’re doing them with one leg suspended in the air.

The core exercises were the highlight of the class. I’ve become sort of bored with the usual let’s-do-bicycles-then-hold-plank-for-a-minute stuff that’s common in a lot of the classes I take, so finding new ways to challenge my core is refreshing. However, I wouldn’t use the word “refreshing” to describe TRX core exercises. I think the words “rude awakening” are a more accurate description, since you will quickly realize how hard it is to stabilize your abs and back when your feet are suspended in the air.

TRX is tough, but in a good way. As Russell Simmons (fun fact: he’s a yoga enthusiast) says, “Hard work is easy, working out is hard.”



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