DC is a city for eating. From lobbyists dining out on their expense accounts to the White House having its own farmers market, it’s unquestionable that Washingtonians (this one included) love food. But if you’re a Workout Wonk, how do keep your eating habits in check to make sure you’re properly fueled for your active lifestyle? Easy. Fooducate.fooducate2

Available for the iPhone or Android, the Fooducate app helps you dissect all the nutrition label mumbo jumbo, as well as track your eating habits. You begin by inputting your info (weight, height) and goals (lose weight, eat less carbs), then you can track what you eat by scanning the barcodes of your groceries or manually entering your food and the nutrition information. The app will spit out a “grade” and highlight things to know, like its Vitamin C content and GMO probability.

My favorite part is that not only can you track the calories you consume, but also the calories spent. Hit the “burn” button to track your activity – the list includes running, yoga, cycling, and others – and watch your calorie count adjust accordingly.fooducate1

Eat out a lot and don’t have a barcode to scan? No worries. I’ve found that many of our favorite local lunch spots – sweetgreen and Pret a Manger are two that come to mind – have nutrition information on their websites, so I’m able to enter it manually. The “notes” function also is a good way of keeping track of food you can’t easily scan.

What apps do you use to stay healthy?



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