Moving on Up

My usual workout schedule has been slightly disrupted over the past week. As my previous post alluded to, 2013 has been and will continue to be a year full of change. WIthin 72 hours of the new year, I found out that I would need to arrange a move. It was a bittersweet moment for many reasons. Happy for my roommate who got a great new job in Boston, sad that she would be leaving, excited about the prospects of new home and stressed about the logistical nightmare that was about to ensue.

Moving date was set for Saturday, February 2nd. The week prior I managed to pack about 70% of my apartment leaving the final 30% for Friday night and Saturday morning. I tapped into my my reserve of patience, put on some calming kirtan, enlisted the help of my willing and awesome cousins and spent many hours on Saturday moving across the Potomac.

My workout regimen had fallen off course a little due to my life-adjusting, so not only was I looking forward to living in an unpacked apartment, but also to getting back into my fitness rhythm.

My former apartment was conveniently located on the ground floor of my building. Easy access to Movingthe moving truck. My current apartment however was up 2 flights of stairs. No problem if we could have taken our time, but since the truck was blocking the narrow alleyway, leisurely moving was not a luxury we could afford. The result was an hour and half of non-stop running up and down stairs with all my worldly possessions. I felt like I was doing a challenge on the Biggest Loser. With what felt like 50lb bags of clothes draped over my shoulders I sprinted up and down stairs shuttling items from the snowy outdoors to my front door. Once the unloading was done, boxes were moved around, furniture arranged, clothes hung and apartment cleaned, my head promptly hit the pillow.

Moving is taxing. Removed from the physical, it is emotionally exhausting as well. Investing ones’ time and energy into saying goodbye and welcoming a new beginning is ultimately a rewarding, but sometimes draining process

In relocating, there are many adventures to be had. Lots of new workouts to try, food to taste, and quality time spent with good friends are a just a few highlights that my new situation has already presented.

All that remains is to dive into the new neighborhood and soak it all in…and hang artwork and curtains (for which my new power drill will come in very handy).



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