Kettlebells and Cake: A Review of Studio f3

With New Year’s resolutions still going strong, companies like Groupon, Livingsocial and Gilt City have been having fitness deals on a continuous basis. I purchased an LA boxing deal on Groupon (that whole ordeal is another blog post entirely), Off Road Cycle class pass on Livingsocial and most recently bought a 4 class package for Studio f3 on Gilt City.

Studio f3 is a bare bones gym that focuses on kettlebellls training. Prior to last Saturday’s class, I found kettlebells extremely intimidating. The idea of swinging a weighted anvil over my head wasn’t exactly my idea of an exciting/healthy exercise. More often than not, I have heard stories of individuals throwing out their backs and causing damage to their bodies due to inappropriate use of kettlebells.

Glenn (Studio f3 and owner) and I emailed back and forth to find a good date and time so I could take one of their introductory classes. With Saturday, February 9th at 11am firmly on my calendar, I mentally prepared myself for my first kettlebells experience.

It was Antonio’s (lead trainer) birthday, so there were smoothies and champagne and cake upon my arrival. If there were such treats awaiting me at every workout, I would definitely be exercising 4 times a day.

Glenn and Antonio led the class together. They were both extremely friendly and the comradery of the Studio F 3 team was very clear. The atmosphere was light hearted and they were clearly passionate about their venture.

With only 4 people in the class, we walked through some of the most basic kettlebells moves. Glenn and Antonio walked through each exercise and made sure that we were all doing the moves correctly. Weight was increased and decreased based on exercise and physical fitness level.

I wasn’t entirely convinced that I was going to be sore. Due to the nature of the introductory class, the workout wasn’t extremely exerting. After Saturday’s class and an arm balance workshop, Sunday yoga, Monday plyometrics (a review on that to come) and a run on Tuesday…I can’t walk. Thanks to kettlebells, but hips and glutes are really thanking/hating me.

Looking forward to taking a full class at Studio F 3. If nothing else, to hang out with Glenn and Antonio. Great team and a good workout. Could a Wonk ask for more?




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