When Groupons and Fitness Shouldn’t Mix

I love Groupon (and LivingSocial, Gilt City, etc.). I especially love it for mixing up my workouts because it allows me to try new places without damaging my wallet. However, I’ve come across one instance where Groupons and fitness shouldn’t mix — when the establishment offering the Groupon simply doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate new customers. And now begins the tale of Workout Wonks versus Groupon/L.A. Boxing…

Let’s rewind to November 2009. I was living in Chicago. It was mother$&%^ cold outside. Suddenly, like a bright ray of sunshine in my overcast Chicago fitness existence, L.A. Boxing opened around the corner. I decided to give it a try and they did not disappoint. I punched and jabbed my way to some toned arms, but, alas, I moved back to DC a few months later and so went my trips to the boxing gym.

Fast forward to the present, where as fate has it, L.A. Boxing moved in just a few blocks down the street from my office. Will it live up to the reputation of my fabulous Chicago L.A. Boxing? I sure hope so.

I tried a free class with a coworker. Arturo, the instructor, was tough and there were several times when I wanted to walk out if he asked me to do another burpee. But I knew the only way to Michelle Obama arms is through tough love, so when a Groupon for a 5 class pass went on sale, I jumped on it. With Lexie in tow, we made it an official Workout Wonks after school special and endured another Arturo class with our Groupon passes. Plenty of punching, kicking, jumping jacks, and ab work to keep the Wonks sweating up a storm.

L.A. Boxing started a new policy a few days later – only L.A. Boxing members could attend 6pm and 7pm classes. No Groupons allowed. It was simply too busy to accommodate everyone.

I’m not a Nobel Prize winning economist, but I understand the basics of supply and demand. Cheap Groupon = demand for boxing goes up. That’s cool, I get that, but why not have students sign up for a boxing bag ahead of time? Or use an online sign up system like most fitness studios in DC? Had I known I couldn’t attend a boxing class after work at a place convenient to my office, I wouldn’t have bought the Groupon in the first place.

It’s been over three weeks since I first contacted Groupon about L.A. Boxing’s policy. At first they punted and said L.A. Boxing would get in touch with me directly (they never did), then went radio silent. I just received an update this morning:

Hi Kristine,

Thank you for your patience. We’ve sorted out this issue and you will be able to redeem your Groupon for their evening classes. [Oh, so you mean I can use my Groupon the way it was advertised? Gee, thanks.] Please keep in mind that their evening times are very popular so you’ll want to show up early in order to secure a place in the class. [Yup, I was already doing that before L.A. Boxing’s dumb policy, but thanks for the advice.]

If you need any further assistance, please let me know.


Nicholas K
Groupon Customer Support

Well, guess what Nicholas K? My Groupon is now expired, so thanks for addressing my problem at a lovely glacial pace. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind the next time a sweet Groupon fitness offer comes across my inbox.



4 thoughts on “When Groupons and Fitness Shouldn’t Mix

  1. I hate LA Boxing. Took their free class once and they basically forced me into a contract so I called corporate on them & thankfully got out of it. They definitely need to work on their customer service in a major way.

  2. LA Boxing is awful! The classes are great – good workouts – but the front office/paperwork/red tape is not worth it. They have a way of burning their customers so I hope you get your money back! BOOOOOO LA BOXING!

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