Zumba “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party”… I may stick with the workout

Since the Wonks were featured in The Washingtonian’s “9 DC Fitness Bloggers to Read Now” we have been receiving a handful of press releases for various local fitness events. Thanks to everyone for reaching out, keep sending them along! We love hearing about all the awesome things happening in our favorite city. One event in particular that caught our attention was a special Zumba party hosted by Vida Fitness.

Until Saturday, I was a Zumba newbie. Not that I have been averse to the hip-hop/jazzercise, bollywood/salsa/aerobics combo, but the sweeping trend never quite enthralled me. When I have talked to Zumba-ers, they can barely contain their obsessive love for the hybrid exercise class. I looped in a few friends and we decided to enter in Zumba world.

Vida’s team of Zumba instructors/kick-ass dancers led the class. Some instructors were better than others. There were a handful who were so great at dancing that instead of attempting to repeat what they were doing, I just watched them in amazement. Back in the day I used to dance… and I thought I was pretty good. Time has not been kind to my dancing abilities and although I still have some semblance of rhythm, my moves are simply no longer there and I am now questioning whether or not they ever were?

Just as the instructors varied, so did the participants. There were the Zumba fanatics who knew each routine, there were complete novices like myself and everyone in between. Just to emphasize how seriously some take their Zumba-ing, I had a small encounter with another attendee. I had come back from getting some water and decided to mix things up in my location (in an attempt to actually see the stage and hopefully improve my coordination). I stood next to a woman who promptly asked me in a snarky tone “um, excuse me but was that your spot before?” I didn’t realize that on the large, at only 47% capacity dance floor on which we consistently moving, there were assigned spaces.

In all honesty, I was done with Zumba after about an hour. The event was advertised as running from 5:00-7:00pm with a reception following. 7:00 rolled around and there was still a lot of Zumba-ing going on. By 7:30 the crowd had significantly thinned and there were no signs of stopping. Our 4 person crew decided that any drinks were not worth getting our Zumba on for another 15-30 minutes so we bailed. On principle, I think it is incredibly important to be punctual with advertised events. If start time is indicated for 5pm, starting at 5:15 and thus ending at 7:15 is acceptable. Starting at 5:10 and going strong past 7:30 is annoying.

I see why people love Zumba, but it isn’t exactly my jam. Maybe someday after I have practiced my sweet moves in the privacy of my own living room I will return to a group class. Until then, I will stick to classes that don’t require me to attempt booty poppin’ and droppin’ it low with salsa moves in between.Zumba Friends

Upside to the night was some good laughs with friends and an AWESOME neon shirt! from Flo Activewear!



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