Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My: A Wonk’s Take on Equinox’s Animal Flow

This past weekend was action-packed. In addition to getting some sweet new floors in my condo, I tried kettlebells for the first time at Studio F3. I won’t repeat everything Lexie already wrote about kettlebells, but I will say that it certainly left me sore on Sunday. Woof.

The pain I felt the next morning didn’t keep me from exploring a new workout, though. Animal Flow X, which I first learned about in the Washington Post Express a few weeks ago, is a class taught at select Equinox locations and uses animal-inspired movements to get you sweaty. As the story goes, after Animal Flow’s creator, Mike Fitch, grew tired of traditional weight training and decided to explore body weight disciplines (break dancing, gymnastics, etc.), he found that animal-like movements, such as being on all fours a lot, was pretty good for strength training.

While there are no lions, tigers, or bears involved in Animal Flow, there are plenty of beast poses, crab walks, and ape squats. Once you have all the basic moves down, the class transitions into the “flow” part — putting all the motions together into a sequence that left my quads burning and my glutes wishing I hadn’t done kettlebells the day before. If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to test your muscles, then clearly getting on all fours is the way to do it.

Aside from the challenging class, Equinox’s Bethesda location is heaven on earth. The facilities, which take up four floors and cover nearly an entire block, are meticulously maintained. Spacious with plenty of natural light, I can’t imagine anyone has a bad time working out here. Also, for folks like me that enjoy nice bath products, they carry Kiehl’s products in the locker room.

Not ready for Equinox’s hefty membership fee? Check out their spa, which is open to the public and any treatment includes a day pass to the gym. One way or another, make your way over there and check out Animal Flow for fun and different workout.



3 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My: A Wonk’s Take on Equinox’s Animal Flow

  1. You should!

    Also, just a quick public service announcement for our readers, I received a lovely note from Stephanie, a membership advisor at Equinox. She’s offering a complimentary VIP trial of the facilities if you mention me (Kristine) and Workout Wonks. If you’re in the Bethesda area, you should give her a call at 301.652.1078 and take her up on this fantastic offer!

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