Have We Reached the Cycling Tipping Point?

After the opening of Revolve, Sculpt, Off Road, and now Peloton, a Wonk has to ask — can there be TOO many cycling studios in DC? I had to ponder this very question as I made my way to Peloton on Monday night for my inaugural ride.

Peloton is attached to Crossfit Praxis at 14th Street and Florida Avenue, NW. If you make an incorrect turn, you’ll end up in a room full of Crossfitters, but don’t worry because the Crossfit folks are friendly and will steer you in the right direction to Peloton’s studio. The reception area is very chic and makes me want to ride an old school road bike across Europe.peloton

When I signed up for the Misook’s All Rounder class, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Seventy-five minutes of cycling AND strength training? Sounds scary.

The cycling portion was a blast. I’m a fan of RPM training-based classes – I’m convinced that this is a better workout than the “scale of 1-10” way of teaching – and Misook’s playlist made the hills and sprints fun and challenging. Looking for a teacher that is encouraging and can help you with your form on the bike? Yup, Misook will handle that too.

The icing on the fitness cake, however, was when we clipped out of our bikes and picked up the resistance bands. Holy. Moly. I didn’t know you could use a resistance band in so many ways that could make your arms, abs, AND glutes hurt. Who knew? Just when you thought you’ve exhausted every muscle in your body, Misook will find another area to work on.

So, back to my original question — can there be too many cycling studios in DC? I say no. Each brings a different dynamic to the indoor cycling community and will kick your ass in a different way!



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