EPIClates: Not Your Mama’s Pilates

Don’t let Epic Yoga fool you. Despite the spacious, light-filled studio and soothing ambiance, Epic’s EPIClates class is anything but relaxing. If you’re looking for a Pilates class where you do a few crunches on a mat, well, this isn’t for you.

After finishing my usual Saturday morning spin class routine – this time an hour filled with non-stop intervals – I thought a Pilates class would be a nice cool down. I mean, I’ve done many Pilates classes before and barely broke a sweat, so I didn’t really understand why the other students had towels next to their mats. Boy, was I about to find out.

Melissa teaches EPIClates and if you forgot to drink your cup of coffee before coming to class, don’t worry. Her energy is the equivalent of 5 cups plus one or two Red Bulls. She’ll wake you up. Fast.

What’s a plank run? You’ll soon find out. Hint: They’re the reason why everyone has a towel next to their mat.

For those in the never-ending quest for Michelle Obama arms (ahem, that would be moi), the two-pound weights sitting next to your mat will be deceiving. Though small, they pack a big punch during the arms portion of the workout and will leave your biceps and shoulders burning.

Finally, you’ll spend lots of quality time at the barre. Melissa said this was the ‘easy part’ of the class. My post-cycling legs didn’t think so. My quads were shaking after a healthy number of pliés, relevés, and rond de jambes. I figured my thighs and glutes would thank me later.

I wouldn’t even call EPIClates a Pilates class at all. It’s more of a boot camp, barre, and yoga class all rolled into one. If you’ve taken Epic Yoga’s barre yoga before, then you’ll be familiar with many of the moves in this class. It’s a lot more fast-paced, though, so if you’re a beginner remember to pipe up if you need something explained.

Not what I expected, but I enjoyed every minute. I didn’t think I could sweat more on a Saturday, but EPIClates proved me wrong.



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