Confessions of a Snooze Button Addict

I love hitting the snooze button. Love love love it. In fact, my favorite part about Friday is not happy hour, it’s knowing that I don’t have an alarm set for 6:00am on Saturday morning. I LOVE SLEEP. Almost more than I love tacos. And that’s a lot.

Work commitments quickly put a damper on my workout schedule last week. Dinner events and drinks with clients – the usual Washington Wonk stuff, you know – were replacing times usually held for spinning, yoga, and other forms of sweating. Refusing to sacrifice my fitness routine, however, I made the contentious decision to sign up for a morning spin class.

The last time I tried to do the morning workout thing it went like this:

5:30am: ERRRR! ERRRRR! ERRRR! (morning alarm)

5:31am: <hit snooze>


5:41am: <hit snooze>

Etc. Etc.

6:45am: “Ooops, I slept through spin class.”

As you can see, my track record isn’t exactly stellar. This time, though, I added some accountability into the mix by persuading my friend Erik to join me (he reluctantly agreed to trek from Virginia to DC for morning spin, but only if I bought him Dunkin Donuts coffee after class). If someone is meeting me for class, there’s no way I can bail, right?

The actual waking up part was less painful than expected. I plugged my phone in across the room, set my alarm, and hit the hay. Having to physically get out of bed AND turn the lights on in order to turn my alarm off helped tremendously. Before I knew it, I was dressed and out the door. The hardest part was over.

After an hour of sweating through Tali’s morning class at Off Road (and drinking a LOT of water…I guess I’m more dehydrated in the morning), I felt like I had downed 8 shots of espresso. I had an enormous amount of energy that lasted me through the day. It also left me quite hungry – I felt the need to snack on everything in sight.

My name is Kristine and I am a snooze button addict and former morning workout skeptic, but now I’m sort of sold on it. Maybe not every day, but perhaps I can manage one or two early mornings a week, if only for the energy rush.

What do you think about morning workouts? How do you avoid the snooze button?



One thought on “Confessions of a Snooze Button Addict

  1. Love this post – I feel like I could have wrote this. I started doing early morning workouts for the first time this year and I had to stop hitting the snooze button. I used to be awful with it!! There were times I must’ve hit snooze for hours day after day saying that I was going to get up and go to the gym. So far things have been sticking this year and I get up as soon as the first alarm goes off. It sucks waking up, but sure is awesome to be done for the day so early!

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