#killinit. it’s a thing

While Kristine has been dominating AM workouts and holding down the for in our nation’s capital, I have been bouncing around various corners of the country. Two weeks ago my dear friend got married to her perfect match in their hometown of Chicago. They had a sword arch as they exited the gorgeous Ukrainian church, a killer band, delicious food and hunky Marine and Navy officers in uniform joining the in the festivities (the groom is a Marine) . It was a phenomenal weekend full of my closest friends, lots of fun (and lots of food and beverages).

In the few days following my return from Chicago, before I left for SXSW in Austin, I managed to get in some long runs, double spin classes and a little yoga. A short 3 and half days to reset my mind and body before leaving for a week long adventure in the southwest. Despite being there for work, my friend/colleague and I managed to enjoy some local Austin faves including Torchy’s Taco’s, Barley Swine and Horseshoe Lounge.

SXSW a success. Great for my day job, fantastic food, awesome people…but not good for my workout routine. After delicious tacos at Torchy’s, local brews and some fantastic dishes at Barley Swine which my vegetarian and vegan friends would avoid at all costs, my body is in serious need of a detox.

The next two weeks will be spent eating lots of salad, drinking smoothies and green juices, attending MyBootcamp (super pumped), yoga, running, spinning and maybe a little crossfit. All of this before I head to California for a week.

I have loved every moment of my recent travels. I choose to believe that because of me, “#killinit” is now a Twitter phenomenon (a Wonk can dream). Despite the greatness of my trips, I am happy to be back in DC and get back into my routine, exercise, diet and catching up with friends.

Chicago – #killinit at my friends’ fantastic wedding.
Austin – #killinit at SXSW with @lfoxmurph
DC – so ready to be #killinit at home


P.S. highlight of the week was definitely hanging out with the captains of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. Capt. Keith, Capt. Johnathan & Capt. Sig took Austin by storm.

Deadliest Catch Killinit


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