STARJUMPS & Burpees: A Review of MyBootcamp


As you all know, I am a huge fan of Revolve in Clarendon. One of their all-star instructors, Grant Hill is not only a fan of the Beastie Boys and tabatas, but he also is the founder of MyBootcamp. The workouts combine fun things like kettlebells, a firehose, sandbags, burpees, lunges, pushups, running and my personal favorite STARJUMPS. I really enjoy starjumps for a few reasons most importantly that they can involve jazz hands and they remind me of my days as a cheerleader (fun Lexie fact – I was even captain my senior year of high school). Grant reached out the Wonks and suggested we try out a few bootcamp classes. The dates were set and we began to mentally prepare ourselves.

Kristine was rocking a juice cleanse (stay tuned) so she made the smart decision to sit Monday out. In case you don’t recall, Monday was a miserable day. It was super cold, and raining. So bootcamp happened in the freezing rain in Quincy Park. Lauren was our fearless leader. A new addition to the MyBootcamp team I wasn’t sure what to expect. We did a short circuit of kettlebell swings, zurcher squats (squats with a sandbag), high-knees, firehose drills and sandbag sprints. Toss in a little running and some lunges to top it all off.

I have to say, it wasn’t too much of a challenge. The fact that it was frigid and raining wasn’t too motivating. Lauren was understanding of the weather and we all huddled under the gazebo to do our circuit. While it was a good workout, I left feeling a little unfulfilled. From start to finish it was about 30 minutes with little sweat. If you have ever taken one of my yoga classes or been in any class with me, it is no secret that I like the heat. The sweatier the better.

I walked out with a fellow bootcamper and we both hoped for something more challenging on Wednesday.

Wednesday came around and Kristine and I headed to the park. It was still chilly, but no rain so the intensity was definitely elevated. We started out with a nice long lap around the whole park and then settled in for the circuit workouts.

Cardio Circuit:

  • Firehose side slaps

  • Sandbag slams

  • Kettlebell swings


Strength Circuit:

  • Goblet squats

  • Walking lunges

  • Rows & deadlifts

  • Pushups

Each circuit was done twice with short laps in between each, one long lap after cardio before strength and long finishing lap. First three back from the final run didn’t have to do burpees. I ran my ass of. I hate burpees.

It was a much longer workout than Monday and more intense as well. However I felt as though something were missing. I could have done another circuit, or maybe 30 seconds of mountain climbers in between each exercise. Good workout nonetheless. Lauren was energetic, fun and clearly very knowledgeable. Plus we got to chat about the most recent Lululemon scandal. For those of you who are self-proclaimed Lulu addicts like myself, this announcement was a tragedy. Hands down, my favorite part of the whole workout was watching the three macho men do starjumps…jazz hands encouraged.

To really finish off workout-Wednesday right, I headed to Grant’s Body Ride at Revolve. I’m not sure if he added an extra arm workout because there were two bootcampers in the class or not. The arm intervals combined with pushups and slams has left my arms a little sore. Let’s just say I wasn’t been energetically raising my hand in meetings in the days following.

If you enjoy being outside, want the camaraderie of a smaller group and want diverse exercise routines, definitely check out MyBootcamp! There are different locations around the DMV and a variety of awesome instructors.


Prior to our MyBootcamp week, I spent three days detoxing with a juice cleanse from Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar. It was an awesome deal with a $75 Groupon, but left me with little energy to tackle the Monday night class with Lexie, so I sat the first night out.

By Wednesday though, I was back and at ‘em and ready to tackle any burpees Lauren was willing to throw at me. While I was expecting the usual boot camp fare — kettlebells, squats, and the like — I was not prepared the amount of running we did, which was a paltry distance compared to what many DC fitness buffs do during their daily runs. Nonetheless, I’m not a runner — I repeat, I AM NOT A RUNNER — so my legs and lungs weren’t in tip top running shape, which was made quite clear during our last lap around the park.

I appreciated Lauren’s personal attention to make sure we did each exercise correctly, as well as the innovative workouts that you don’t find in your out-of-the-box gym classes. I don’t know many instructors that will have you using a firehose one minute, then jumping up and down with jazz hands the next. You certainly won’t be bored during MyBootcamp.

While at the time I felt I could’ve done another circuit (perhaps I had an extra boost of energy from the juice cleanse?), the soreness I felt the following day was clear evidence that MyBootcamp had done its job. It got me moving in ways I wasn’t accustomed to and in a setting that was fun and energetic. Kudos to Grant on developing an awesome program. If you’re looking for a comprehensive way to build fitness into your lifestyle, or simply want to spice up your workout routine, sign up for MyBootcamp.

MyBootcamp Meme


6 thoughts on “STARJUMPS & Burpees: A Review of MyBootcamp

  1. What’d you think of the raw juice cleanse? I’d love to do one local instead of paying for shipping but the yelp reviews of Khepra are a mixed bag.

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