Wonks on the Road: The Austin Top 5

Lexie was #killinit in Austin a few weeks ago for SXSW and now it was my turn to spend time in the city known for its barbecue, live music, and, most importantly, active lifestyle. Here are five ways to stay active and healthy in Austin, Texas.

1. PureRyde – Most indoor cycling classes have you sitting on a stationary bike for an hour. PureRyde, on the other hand, takes it up a notch by using RealRyder indoor bikes, which more closely simulate outdoor bicycles and put your core and balance to the test. Allegedly these bikes burn more calories and, like your actual bike, you can lean into turns and move from side to side as you pedal. While I’m not convinced that these bikes are for me, I did enjoy PureRyde’s luxurious studio and fun playlist. [thanks to Erik, videographer extraordinaire]

2. Town Lake – The people of Austin obviously love being active, as the trails are crowded with cyclists and runners. Don’t feel like lacing up your running shoes or getting on a bike? Find a cute dog and enjoy the sunshine with a long stroll around the lake.

Meet Lillian, my tour guide around Town Lake.

3. The Salt Lick – Okay, so this has nothing to do with fitness (unless you count the bocce ball court), but they have awesome brisket and the best peach cobbler on the planet. Om nom nom.

4. Black Swan Yoga – Choices abound at this popular yoga hub, which runs on a donation basis and offers plenty of class options across 4 different studios across Austin. Or, if you can’t make it to an actual class, check out their online video classes. Their class  titles are straightforward with names like mellow, sweaty, and power. Their mellow class was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning and release all my muscles that were tense from cycling and bootcamp.

5. Conscious Cravings – After all the BBQ and margaritas, I needed something a tad healthier to fuel up between meetings and workouts. This vegetarian food truck near UT has filling wraps packed with protein of the non-meat variety (think tofu, seitan, legumes), as well as salads and smoothies.



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