Adulthood on My Terms

I write this as I travel from one end of the country to the other. Celebrating the close of the first quarter with a trip to California to spend some much needed time with the fam. Last night I had dinner with a one time teacher, long time friend and fellow Arizona native. After catching up on the past 6 years of life, we spent a long time talking about adulthood. Adulthood in the sense of coming into one’s own and embracing all aspects of life.

After being in school for years (she is a badass lawyer) and having moved past the first year associate craziness, she and I finally connected and had a meeting of the minds. Regardless of whether you are in your mid twenties or just hit the thirty mark, we were both in solid agreement that this time in life is about being the best version of you and that we are the most important people in our own lives.

At the beginning of the New Year I wrote about how 2013 was my “year of yes.” After what I felt was generally an underwhelming and somewhat crappy 2012, I made the conscious decision that I was going to be an active participant in my own life. The year began with my saying yes to concerts, dinners, drinks, dates and new workouts. My mantra has since transformed into something much bigger.

In yoga, we talk about being present. Be present in each moment instead of dwelling on the past or focusing on what comes next. This has always been a struggle for me. In high school it was all about getting into college, in college I was focused on completion of semesters, studying abroad or getting a job. Once I secured my job following graduation, my energy was spent on moving and then promotion cycles. The yogi in me was telling me to take a step back and focus on the present moment. My type-A personality was very much encouraging my continuous thinking of the next phase.

Over the holidays I finally took a long overdue look at my present state of being. I felt energetically spent. It had been a year of immense energy output and not enough inward focus. My life is still very much in flux, as it will be for many years to come. But for the first time in years I feel a sense of calm. The past few months have been about me. About being an adult by my definition, not by the definition of others.

By taking control of my own happiness and dedicating time and energy to friendships old and new, experiencing new things some good (like great live music, delicious food and great workouts) and some not so good (like the juice cleanse), energizing my yoga practice and finding new passions (like WorkoutWonks), I feel settled. We are only 3 months into 2013, and I only envision it getting better.

A special thanks to all who have encouraged Kristine and I in our blogging adventure. This journey continues to amaze me and I simply cannot wait for what the future holds.

Happy end of Q1, and I hope all of you are embracing your own awesomeness and are as excited about the rest of 2013 as I am.




One thought on “Adulthood on My Terms

  1. Great post. And, believe it or not, your experiences can even be shared by someone like me who happens to be an old lady in her fifties. Love the blog….keep writing.

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