In honor of tomorrow’s Nike Training Club in Georgetown, please find our review of last week’s class below:

Last Monday, Kristine and I (finally) checked out Nike Training Club in Georgetown. The program has been going on for a while and upon my return from California we thought a solid bootcamp was in order. First off, the Nike store in Georgetown is amazing. For all fitness freaks, it is a dream come true. Walls of running and training shoes, more colorful shorts and tanks than you could imagine and a whole station set up to showcase their Nike FuelBand. Needless to say if you like working out, or just like wearing workout clothes in general, this is a shoppers paradise.

Nike has featured trainers that lead bootcamp classes on Monday evenings once the store closes. They are on a rotation so the community gets a taste of what different PTs have to offer. This week marked the beginning of Ingrid’s tenure. With superstar Deanna as a handy helper we started on our sweaty journey.

Rule #1 of the evening was you had to be constantly moving. If someone was caught being still, the whole group, roughly 80 people, had to do 5 pushups. Great idea if you ask me! Certainly motivated everyone to stay in motion.

The exercises – which ranged from lunges to butterfly kicks – felt like they worked every muscle in the body. You’re allowed a “break” between circuits where you simply move around in place (or, in our case, dance in place), but not much time elapses before you’re onto the next move.

The bootcamp ran a full 45 minutes and by the end we were super sweaty. Although a little crowded (I may or may not have been kicked in the face doing superman planks), the camaraderie was great. A DJ was spinning great music that kept the party going and everyone was having a good time. Most importantly, Ingrid was a rockstar. The circuits we did were challenging but sustainable. When you are in a large room with 80 strangers and have sweat dripping from nose while onlookers stare from M Street, having an encouraging positive leader is just what you need. Deanna was roaming around while joining in workouts and providing support from all corners of the store.

Bottom line – if you are looking for a hybrid dance-party/bootcamp that is FREE and awesome, check out Nike Training Club at 8pm on Mondays. Great way to start the week and jumpstart a healthy spring.-

-Lexie & Kristine



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