For Here All Are One

In the wake of yesterday’s tragedy we want to send our thoughts and lots of positive energy to the people and city of Boston. I (Lexie) am a proud alumna of Boston College and was lucky enough to call Boston my home for 4 years. Patriots Day, or Marathon Monday as we fondly called it, is a day of celebration in the city. As the dedicated runners make their way down Commonwealth Ave and through downtown, they are cheered on by friends, family, college students and visitors. Yesterday’s events were devastating as Marathon Monday should only be a day of joy and celebration. If there is one thing that I learned about Boston during my tenure it is that both the city and its inhabitants are tough and resilient. The phrase “For Here All Are One” is a line in the BC fight song and encapsulates the collective energy that is permeating through Boston and the nation. We are in this together and our hearts break for those affected. Let’s continue to stand as ONE. Strength can be found in community and we are sending our love.

-Lexie & Kristine


Thanks to the creative Bostonian Allison & Halcyon Style for the inspiring image.


2 thoughts on “For Here All Are One

  1. Love that heart graphic…it was a tough day yesterday 😦

    I didn’t realize you guys were at yoga on Sunday! I wish they would have done an intro deal so we could have all had a clue who everyone was. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say hello. Hopefully another blogger meet up soon. — Ericka @ The Sweet Life (

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