Happy Mothers Day

My mom has been a true fitness inspiration to me over the years. From carting me around to and from my sweaty lacrosse practices to teaching me about Richard Simmons and Sweatin’ to the Oldies, momma E has taught me the value of being active and getting a good workout. Here are s few things on my mom’s list of fitness necessities:

1. Resistance bands — Momma E doesn’t go a day without an upper body workout with a resistance band. She’ll have Michelle Obama arms before me in no time.

2. Denise Austin’s Fat Burning Blast — C’mon, I have yet to meet a mom that didn’t get into Denise Austin tapes.

3. A good juicer — Mom is the juicing queen. Whenever I’m home we usually make an apple/carrot/celery combo.

4. Treadmill — While she’s now past her running prime, mom used to run 5 miles a day. I don’t think I’ll ever get into running the way she did, but I’m still impressed by her dedication.

Happy Mothers Day! How has your mom influenced your workout routine?



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