Action-Packed Wonk Weekend

Sorry for the hiatus. Life has been busy and we’re a little behind on catching everyone up on our fitness adventures.

A few weeks ago Lexie and I had an action-packed weekend filled with everything from yogalates to crossfit to resistance bands. Enjoy!


We’re ready for Crossfit.

Crossfit at Verve Fitness

To celebrate the launch of FitDC, several fitness studios across northern Virginia hosted free classes throughout the day. We checked out a crossfit class at Verve Fitness. It was Kristine’s first crossfit experience and Lexie’s second. The class started with a warm-up — rows, burpees, and the like — followed by back squats, and, finally, the WOD (workout of the day). The WOD was no joke: 5 deadlifts, 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, then as many sumo deadlifts as you can manage — all within a minute. After ten rounds of those, you’ll feel like you’ve had a thorough ass kicking!

Yogalates at Mind Your Body Oasis

After a high intensity workout like crossfit, the yogalates event hosted by Mind Your Body Oasis was a welcome treat. Amanda, owner of Mind Your Body Oasis, opened the studio as a getaway from the hectic city lifestyle — perfect for busy wonks like us! The class began with an active yoga


Lots of resistance bands!

sequence, which was enough for us to get a sweat on. The second half of the class focused on traditional pilates moves. After class we were treated to some delicious snacks courtesy of Postmodern Food. Who knew blueberry vegan cheesecake could be so yummy?!

Ambitious Athletics Bootcamp at Lululemon Georgetown

Led by Carmen, owner of Ambitious Athletics, the wonks spent an evening getting really acquainted with resistance bands. The first half of the 75 minute workout focused on bootcamp exercises with resistance bands that looked like enormous rubberbands. Just when we thought our arms were going to fall off, we spent the rest of the time in a full yoga class.



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