Changes in Wonk World

Sorry for our lack of consistency here at Workout Wonks in recent weeks. We have a lot of big changes happening!

First, Lexie is teaching again! You should check out her hot power yoga class at The Studio DC in DuPont Circle on Mondays at 7:45pm and Sundays at 10:30am. If you’re a yoga lover you won’t regret it. It’s a challenging sweat fest accompanied with some great tunes.

Secondly, both of us have new jobs! That’s right – we’re leaving the firm that brought together the Workout Wonks. Kristine is going to another public affairs firm to manage grassroots campaigns for an automotive client and Lexie is going to a digital communications firm to work on digital marketing and advertising. We’re very excited! It feels very grown-up and couldn’t be more thrilled!

As much as things change, some things will stay the same. We will both continue to fitness fiends, eager to tell stories of our workout adventures in our nation’s capital! And, as always, we want to learn about new workouts, classes, and exercise trends, so please send ideas our way!

On a stroll


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