Suspension Cables, Faux Hawks and Giggles

This is a long overdue (as our posts have been recently). Between leaving the old job, starting the new job, transitioning roommies, teaching yoga, sleeping, eating and exercising I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Somewhere in the midst of all the craziness, I have found some time to work with a personal trainer. As part of my year of transformation I have embarked on quite the physical fitness adventure. My friend Lindsey and I decided that we would try the training thing for a few sessions after joining Vida. It became apparent after the first ass-kicking that this was something we wanted to continue. I was optimistic about the process and was not expecting such a systemic shock. While our first workout lasted a short 30 minutes, I could neither lift my arms nor climb stairs for 3 days.

When we met Brandon he had a faux hawk. He assured us that it was for an upcoming Tough Mudder but it lasted well beyond. Tall, ripped and scary – nerves set in incredibly quickly. We chatted for about 25 minutes and Lindsey and I confidently shared our fitness background. Competitive volleyball for her, a sorry attempt at varsity basketball for me (that is a story for another blog) and years of hot power yoga, we felt good and prepared. Then TRX happened…

Suspension cables fully equipped with handles and bright yellow markers (as if the sunshine yellow is supposed to make you feel better about what you are about to put your body through) kicked off our training journey. Kristine is familiar with TRX but this was my first experience. It started out really fun… and then I started sweating, my muscles began to shake and we were only halfway through the workout. Needless to say this was motivation to dedicate myself to a new and diverse training regimen.

Going through this kind of torture with a friend is incredibly crucial. We motivate one another and more importantly laugh… a lot. Especially when it comes to the ridiculous gravity machines (more on that later), there is always a lot of giggling. Brandon thinks we are trouble, we think we are awesome and completely angelic.

There are many more workouts to discuss. TRX, gravity machine insanity and circuit training to name a few. Plus there are the intricacies of our training dynamic. Lindsey sometimes requires a booster seat (depending on the exercise) due to her height and I’m a stickler for time – 10 seconds means 10 seconds… not 30 seconds.

I find myself looking forward to training sessions even if they are at 6:30 on a Firday morning. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all?

Photo caveat: By the time I remember to snap a pic of the training madness, I am in rough shape. Maybe this week I will take one before the real torture ensues. For now, here is a lovely picture of Vida. 









5 thoughts on “Suspension Cables, Faux Hawks and Giggles

    • It is a phenomenal workout and fun too. Definitely a challenge, but it is dynamic which is a nice change from just lifting weights. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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