Sorry for the Hiatus

You may be wondering, “Where did Kristine go?” Well, here’s the latest:

1. I got engaged to my longtime BFF, Telford, most well known for his critically-acclaimed Workout Wonks guest post on the Nike FuelBand. Yes, he still loves his FuelBand.

2. I have a new job! And my new office apparently has a swanky gym with a trainer that comes twice a month. More to come on this soon.swing

3. I like kettlebells. Sort of. Erik and I did a workout with Ryan Jankowtiz from Dynamic Performance a few weeks ago. Ryan did an awesome job of breaking down a kettlebell swings and incorporated other exercises to improve our kettlebell performance. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing the Turkish Getup on a daily basis, but it was nice to have a kettlebell experience that was informative and fun.

4. I signed up to become a Schwinn certified indoor cycling instructor! The certification class is in August and I”m super pumped.

5. Since my better half has a membership at XSport Fitness, I’m starting to love the gym experience again. There are so many classes! How do I choose?

As you can see, life is busy, but don’t fear – I have many more workout stories to tell!



3 thoughts on “Sorry for the Hiatus

  1. Number 4: I’m proud of you. Too often that word isn’t used among friends; here it applies. I know this has been a longtime interest and taking that step, or pedal stroke, is big. Good for you. I expect it will be good for all of your WW readers too.

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