Yoga to Fight Allergies? Yes, Please!

I know allergy season is pretty much over, but I love Gaiam’s “5 Yoga Poses to Fight Seasonal Allergies.” The next time DC pollen has me sneezing up a storm, I’ll try doing a little “ohm” instead of popping Claritin like it’s candy. Here are a few of my fave poses mentioned in the article:

Bridge and other Backbends open the chest. You can also stretch on a Balance Ball or over the back of a cushioned chair. I recommend everybody in the world do this not only to help with allergies but also to undo all the forward moving/leaning postures (sitting in front of a computer, cooking, driving, etc.) that makes us slouch. Back-bending is also a great way to expand the chest and lungs and increase lung capacity.

Fish Pose is another great way to open the chest, lungs and throat to free the breath. This pose stimulates the thymus gland, which is located under the sternum. This is particularly important in young children with allergies, as the ability of the thymus to regulate the lymphatic system and help establish immunities significantly decreases after puberty.



One thought on “Yoga to Fight Allergies? Yes, Please!

  1. Yoga is definitely the best way to stay fit! I love doing this pose myself! Food habits are extremely important to maintain overall health and prevent allergeries. Without yoga it is really difficult to maintain one’s health. I find that because of lack of time it is really difficult to maintain a regular excising schedule. I like doing simple things like walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift to help keep fit. I keep track of them using Motivade.

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