Our Sweaty Saturday Adventure with MyBootcamp and Revolve

It has taken us roughly a week to recover – hence the delayed blog post. As you know, Kristine and I have been throwing ourselves into our new jobs. Kristine has been in lovey dovey land with her new fiancee and I have been nesting with a new roommate. Loving life and loving the warm weather, we were super pumped when we saw that Revolve and MyBootcamp were hosting a Cross-Cycle Challenge. One hour of bootcamp with Grant and fellow trainer Chris followed by a real ride at Revolve.

With our matching tank tops on and the sunshine in our eyes, we jumped right into an hour of bootcamp insanity. Starting with Chris’ military-inspired warm-up — jumping jacks and flutter kicks, anyone? — we got our blood pumping in preparation for the real deal workout. We broke into two groups, each led by Grant and Chris. Grant guided us through a series of exercises involving kettlebells, a fire hose, and — our favorite —  running up and down the street with a 20 pound sandbag over our

All smiles after two hours of hard work with Grant.

All smiles after two hours of hard work with Grant.

shoulders. Not to be outdone, however, Chris made sure we made the most of our sweaty Saturday with step-ups, flutter kicks, and a relay that included the much beloved 20 pound sandbag.

As if a 45 minute bootcamp weren’t enough, we hauled our tired bodies to Revolve for an hour long ride taught by Grant. With plenty of intervals and fun tunes to boot, it’s needless to say we were tuckered out by the end of our sweaty Saturday adventure. Luckily, the awesome folks from South Block Cafe were at Revolve after the ride to greet us with samples of their cold-pressed juice. The Caveman Milk was super yummy.

Thank you, Grant & Chris, MyBootcamp, Revolve, and South Block Cafe for making our Saturday!

-Kristine & Lexie


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