Inspiration Nation

I know all of you have been anxiously waiting in front of your computer screens hoping that your RSS feed would ding with WorkoutWonks update. I am happy to be re-entering the Wonk world after what has been an unintended sabbatical.

As we have previously mentioned, lots has been going on in the past few months. Job transitions, engagements… and life has simply gotten crazy (in a good way). Its amazing how days fill up, weeks go by and all of sudden you look at your calendar and realize that October is more than half over. A struggle of mine in recent months has been finding time to write, brainstorm and just think about this blog. WorkoutWonks makes me both happy and proud, so I am making a dedicated effort to place at the top of my priority list moving forward.

Because of some pretty amazing folks in my life, I have been invigorated and energized to live out my year of yes to its fullest potential and grab life by the balls, horns, insert-cliche-here.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have bad ass friends who inspire me on a daily basis. All them are outstanding in their own ways and over friendsthe past few months and handful have made very courageous and awesome life choices. Their actions have caused me to pause, take a step back and evaluate my own priorities.

Whether leaving the structure of a 9-5 for the flexibility (no pun intended) of teaching yoga full time, putting time and resources into an educational program, moving from a federal government position to one focused on fitness and well being, following your passion for creating beautiful pieces of artwork or simply taking some time to explore one’s self and discover what it means to be you – all of these actions are truly inspiring.

I leave you with this – the year isn’t over. Yes is still an option, as it will always be. Life is to short to deal with bullshit. So make a change, find an activity that makes you smile from ear to ear, spend time with people that lift you up instead of beat you down and enjoy every precious moment. Each inhale should be one of fulfillment and positive energy, and each exhale allow you to release of something that you don’t need. Of course I had to insert breath work, I am a yogi after all… namaste



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