New Year, New Life

Last year I declared that 2013 was my year of “yes”. I wrote that post on my flight from DC to Arizona for the holidays. As I write this I have just back to the homefront for 2 weeks of family time, trips to see friends and a wedding. 2014 will be equally – if not more – transformative than my “year of yes”.

I have had an incredibly reflective fall. Whether it has been about letting go of toxic energy or cleaning out my closet, the past few months have allowed me to set the stage for the year to come. I made the decision to leave my desk job and embrace a very different life. After 7 months in an an environment that wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped, I have stepped away and immediately feel as though a significant weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

December 27th marked the conclusion of my last phase and I now bravely enter into the next. My time will be spent consulting part-time for an awesome tech policy non-profit and teaching, a ton. 11 classes on my schedule currently with the possibility of adding more. I’ve added Spinning to my teaching roster. Between yoga, spinning, working part-time, and planning my big fall trip to Europe I plan on keeping myself plenty busy.

Check out this page to see my teaching schedule and stay tuned for updates!



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