WorkoutWonks Span the Nation!

The WorkoutWonks have had an exciting ride. What was born in cubicles at a public affairs firm has transformed along with Kristine and myself. We have had career transformations, Kristine has gotten dogs and engaged and now I am moving.

About a year ago I threatened to move back west, but never pulled the trigger. This time, it is real and next week I say goodbye to DC. The desert sun and cacti of Arizona are beckoning me back. Washington has provided me a great life for the last 4 years. My career has taken a few twists and turns that have led me to where I am now. The relationships I have created, the things I have learned and the experiences I have had could only have happened here. As corny as it may sound, there is something special about the nation’s capital. The people that move here are smart, driven and determined to become something. Although that “something” may shift and change during a tenure in this city, it has a powerful effect on your journey.

My next step will be just as exciting as these past few have been. With an entrance back into the corporate world, I look forward to approaching fitness in a completely new way. While I have loved working in fitness full time for the past 18 months, I’m excited to try new things and find a new rhythm. I will inevitably teach yoga and cycling again, but for the time being I am going to take classes and find inspiration from my former and new teachers alike.

The original mission of WorkoutWonks was to share with our community our experiences in fitness and how it fits in the lives of young working professionals. Fitness has been my world for over a year, and it has been difficult to find the same fulfillment in my own routine that I once had. I look forward to exploring and becoming a part of new communities and kicking it in my cowboy boots. I will be reinvigorating WorkoutWonks and sharing my experiences in the Southwest.

Thank you to all of our friends, fellow bloggers, studio owners, gym managers and instructors who have welcomed us with open arms. You have given us opportunities to write and share our passion with others. If you are ever in Arizona, let me know! I look forward to visiting and seeing how this wonderful city’s fitness scene has transformed even more!

Tons of Wonk love,





Drinking the CrossFit Kool Aid

As I answered the reporter’s questions for U.S. News and World Report article on DC being the fittest city, I sat by the pool at my parent’s house in Arizona recovering from the previous day’s CrossFit workout.

Over the past two years I have tried the new workout trend a handful of times. Each workout resulted in soreness like I have never experienced, and a sincere lack of enjoyment during the session itself. Because of this past experience, I was hesitant to join my parents and boyfriend for Saturday’s workout. Begrudgingly, I climbed in the car and we headed to the health club for class.

Bottom line – I loved it! I enjoyed it because I had background. I’ve added olympic lifting into my workouts and this was the key! While any new CrossFit participant may dismiss a fundamentals program, my advice would be to dive into the fundamentals class head first! After Saturday’s class, I can say that I drank some of the Kool Aid. While going full paleo may not be in the cards for me (I love peanut butter far too much), I’ll probably get the silly flat shoes, throw chalk on my hands and talk about my favorite WOD and achieving my PR.

The Village is my parent’s health club in Scottsdale, AZ. They have a great facility complete with a amazing classes, a basketball court, track, every cardio machine you could ask for, a full floor of weights, lap pool and a locker room with steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. Basically, it is a Workout Wonk’s dream. With the increasing popularity of CrossFit and box gyms popping up on every corner, the Village made a smart move and incorporated fitness phenomena into their offerings. By transforming a racquetball court into a mini box, they isolated a bit of the gym for WODs galore.

Smart move, however there has been some pushback. The community that CrossFit has created is a strong and powerful one, both nationwide and at the Village itself. Classes have transformed from simply working out, to a social time to catch up with friends and share stories. After our Saturday class, everyone pulls up a chair, grabs some coffee and sits around in the cafe to chat about life. Students ranged from middle aged women (who could kick serious ass), volunteer firefighters, former Marines, personal trainers, fitness fanatics and everything in between. The management of the health club hasn’t been too inclined to improve the space or work with the newly formed community. Things are slowly changing, but the CrossFitters are adamant that they have the utmost respect for the instructors, love the facilities of the club in general, and only want to make their new workout regimen be an inclusive part of an already established community.

CrossFit has remained in their box gyms, outside of larger entities. With boutique fitness studios taking over, it is important that health clubs and large gyms alike adapt to the changing landscape. Consider bringing more things in house. Offer your customers and members the most options possible. It will only grow and strengthen the existing community.

Want to learn more about fundamental movements involved in a CrossFit class? Check out this killer site – WODSTAR! You can watch tutorials on how to do things that sound scary – like a snatch or a hang clean.


Lexie’s Spinning Music and Howdy

Howdy. I’ve been MIA for a while. Kristine has been the sole WorkoutWonk representing. My return to the blogosphere is in the form of playlists. Here are tons for listening pleasure. These are not relaxing and were created for spinning. If you can meditate to Dillon Francis, Missy Elliot and Skrillex… mad props.

Lovebirds and Couches






Pie & Tabatas


Leaves & Pumpkins




Summer of Lovers


Cupid’s Arrows


Lil’ Old Lil’ New

Saddle Love

Oh Hey


Made in the 80s


Spin On


Ride Like an OG

swēt ride: Everything you need to know about Del Ray’s only indoor cycling studio

swēt ride: Everything you need to know about Del Ray’s only indoor cycling studio

We’re moving to Alexandria’s adorable Del Ray neighborhood the same time as its first indoor cycling studio. It must be fate.swetridebikes

Remember the old HomeMade Pizza Co. on Mount Vernon Avenue? The cool folks at Barre Tech decided to turn it into a cycling studio! It officially opens on Saturday, November 15 (you can register for classes beginning Wednesday morning), but I was able to get a sneak peek of the studio and take a class taught by co-owner Kat.

The workout lasted around 45 minutes (full of hills, sprints, and good jams), after which we were treated to some bubbly and yummy treats.

Here’s a rswetridecupcakesundown of what you need to know:

  • $24 per ride, with discounts for multi-ride packages.
  • Cycling shoes are a must. If you don’t own them, you can borrow a pair for no added cost.
  • The studio is cozy. There are a few cubbies to put your stuff, one bathroom, and 15 bikes.
  • They have newest Schwinn bikes with awesome computers that track your cadence (RPMs), calories, time, and other fun stats. You can even sync it with your heart rate monitor (bonus: swēt ride will have heart rate monitors for riders to borrow!). Eventually, these stats will sync with your account online so you can track your progress.
  • Their teaching method focuses on RPM, which is my FAVORITE because it really pushes you to your limit and you get the best workout.
  • The class ends with a cold, eucalyptus-scented towel!

Just another reason to get excited about our big move!



Out of your comfort zone: My first week using ClassPass

Out of your comfort zone: My first week using ClassPass

My best workouts are classes – spin, yoga, bootcamp, you name it – I just get a better experience from when there’s an encouraging instructor blasting great music.

Thank goodness for ClassPass! It launched in DC earlier this month and allows you to access some of the top studios in the city for $99 per month. There are so many classes in their network that you’ll never run out of options. When I first got wind of it coming to the district, I got super excited.

The lovely folks at ClassPass gave me a complimentary 1 month membership, so I used my first week to dive right in and check out studios I had never visited. I’m the type that when I find something I really like (workouts included), I stick with it, so it was nice to have an excuse to venture outside my comfort zone.

Here’s what my first week looked like:

Thrive SignClass 1: Barre at My Thrive Pilates in Shirlington

This class was an easy pick. I had already done cardio in the morning, so I wanted a good toning class as my evening workout and this place is right around the corner from me. It’s an intimate setting – I think there were 5 or 6 people in my class – and very welcoming. It was also much more laid back than other barre classes I’ve attended, so if you’re a barre newbie and concerned about an intimidating atmosphere, no need to be scared here. The instructor picked fun music and I got a great sweat on.

Class 2: Gentle Yoga at JOURNEYoga

My muscles were aching from all the tucks and plies the day before, so the next day I opted for a Body Ride class at Revolve (not using my ClassPass) followed by a gentle yoga class at JOURNEYoga in Arlington. One of my good friends got her yoga teacher certification here, so I trusted it would be a good class and it didn’t disappoint. The class started AND ended in savasana, which is always a good sign in my book. I left feeling much more relaxed and ready to take on the day.

jrinkClass 3: Lunchtime Power Hour at Epic Yoga

Okay, so this wasn’t my first time at Epic Yoga, but it was my first time at JRINK Juicery, the new juice joint attached to the studio. After a great lunchtime pick-me-up yoga practice with April (which included honking cabbies, a crazy downpour, and a leaking roof…but more about that later), I treated myself to two yummy JRINK beverages: Build Me Up (raw almond, cinnamon, vanilla, agave) and Cheer Me Up (raw hazelnut, cacao, gave). They were heavenly! A very welcome addition to a rainy day.

Class 4: Pure Barre Alexandria

I jumped on the barre groupie girl train awhile ago, first with a class at Biker Barre and more recently at Xtend Barre and Thrive Pilates, so I didn’t hesitate to check out Pure Barre’s studio in Old Town Alexandria. The instructor, Jamie, showed me around the studio and verbally walked me through the workout before class, which I found to be really helpful. I did wayyyyy more tucks in this class than any other barre class I’ve taken. Oh, and LOTS of ab work (my favorite!). This was a top-notch barre workout. I’ll be coming back soon.

Whew! What a first week. I’m loving ClassPass so far and can’t wait to figure out what I’ll try next.

Are you using ClassPass? What have been your favorite workouts?